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activHR 'flex' flexible benefits communication software

activHR 'flex', powered by Staffcare, is designed for the larger Company wishing to implement more complex schemes, which can be completely branded and customised for functionality and design capability; ideally suited for Companies seeking to adopt a flexible technology platform for fixed and flexible benefit schemes, which can integrate with existing HRM systems or exist standalone using the significant HR administration and self service capabilities.

activHR 'flex'  uses Internet and database technology to deliver this advanced service for employee benefit administration. With unique flexibility you have day-to-day control for setting up and managing even the most complex schemes, from the branding and styling of the information pages through to the creation of new benefits and the delivery of associated information and data.

Flexible benefit choices and salary sacrifice options can be tailored for different groups of employees, and customised to your exact product choices and business rules.

The unique flexibility built into activHR enables the employer to administer even the most complicated and varied benefits package without the need to have any database expertise. Provided as a fully managed service on secure web servers all the technical support and maintenance is part of the package providing you with maintenance free and low operating cost.

You may choose to implement activHR 'reward'  initially and aim to progress and make the journey to activHR 'flex'  at a later date; whatever you choose, you will find activHR inherently scalable and capable of supporting the most demanding benefit communication and administration needs.

Why not find out more by viewing our Online Demo?  This demo requires sound for more detailed information; please be aware that this file may take a couple of minutes to download fully, and that you will have to click 'Run' on the two pop-ups before it will play.
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