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RBGE Case Study by activHR Consulting

RBGE’s previous HR system was inadequate for the overall needs of the organisation and was simply being used primarily as a basic recording and reporting tool for simple employee related data. The majority of processes were paper based which created inefficiencies, delays and disabled the department's ability to deliver credible information easily.

The organisation needed an all-encompassing system complete with configurable and user specific self-service functionality, which would enable the empowerment of Managers and Employees to view information when they needed it most and to submit data to the business in real time in key areas such as the electronic submission and authorisation of overtime and project timesheets.  A need for a web-enabled system that would provide HR Practitioners, Operational Managers and the entire organisation with access to Human Capital data which would have the capability to help address and resolve specific operational issues was also required.

We confidently introduced the organisation to the concepts associated with configuring their requirements within a replacement HRM system which allowed for all existing business processes to be replicated in electronic form. By offering the business a fully configurable framework product, administrative users are able to create and manage content and deploy their own processes via an intuitive graphical user interface; as a web based system any changes can be deployed quickly and be accessed at any time from any location.