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Saturday, 17 July 2010 07:34

Why adopting a fully integrated Time & Attendance and HR system could save you time and money.

Businesses in the UK are suffering as workers take more than 35 million sick days a year.  One in three workers (33 per cent) say that the last time they took a day off from work as sick leave, they did not actually have anything wrong with them, according to a survey by Aon Consulting.

In an effort to address absenteeism, businesses are increasingly monitoring workers absence patterns. Not only are the duration of the absences monitored, but the amount of days accumulated and the days of the week involved. Often a pattern emerges where employees are seen to be taking Mondays or Fridays off to enjoy a long weekend. When dealing effectively with employee absence, it is a continuous and coordinated effort by HR, line managers and supervisors with regards to absence monitoring, recording and absence interviews.

Many organisations have a Time & Attendance system to  plan work patterns and monitor employee absence levels, and a separate HR system to record employee personnel details. With an integrated approach, you could enjoy using one application to record vital employee details and manage processes, as well as the complexities of a Time and Attendance system to accurately plan out an employee’s working week and monitor time-keeping.

Another benefit of an integrated system can clearly be seen in holiday management. By assigning absence allowances to employees using the HR module, this data can then be shared with the Time and Attendance module so it knows when to expect employee absence.  Holiday entitlements can be further managed with the use of a self-serve intranet module: employee’s remaining allowances are published online, they request a period of annual leave from management, this is deducted from their entitlement, then the Time & Attendance system wraps up the whole situation by comprehensively reporting on real-time clocking events.

With an integrated Time & Attendance and HR system, the administrative tasks involved in monitoring and managing absence within your business become far simpler and quicker to process. The Time & Attendance module allows comprehensive levels of absence data to be recorded, collated and analysed, making it easy for management to report and respond should individual absence levels become unacceptable. With an integrated HR module, management  can then view this data in a clear, colour-coded absence planner to illustrate the frequency and any patterns of absence.  By having rules in place to identify the average number of absence spells per employee, you can begin to collate the right information to successfully identify persistent short term absence for individuals.

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