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Pensions Reform add-on for People Inc. HR Software

Following on from our recent work on pensions reform legislation, we have consolidated the ideas we reviewed during our online webinars with customers and have produced a Pensions Reform add-on for People Inc. to enable organisations to manage the information and processes associated with the legislation effectively.


The add-on provides the following benefits to organisations, system users and individual employees:

•  Enables users to record details of pension schemes.

•  Enables the user to record a full history of pension arrangements for each employee

•  Establish whether or not an employee is eligible for auto-enrolment

•  Automatically prompt the user when employees becomes eligible (or re-eligible)

•  Enables the user to record the fact they have enrolled an employee in a pension

•  Notify the employee that they have been enrolled in a pension

•  Enable employees to Opt-Out (ESS users only)

•  Enable employees to request they are enrolled (or re-enrolled) in a pension (ESS users only)

This add-on works most effectively when used in conjunction with the People Inc. Employee Self-Service module (ESS); this provides direct communication between HR or finance and individual employees. It is however possible for users who have not implemented the ESS to use the add-on. When this is done, the communication with employees has to be managed outside the system.

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