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Our latest HR software products from People Inc, IRISCascade and Advorto will provide line managers and HR professionals with all of the tools, information and procedural guidance required to aid them in their daily activities: from employee hiring, on-going care and interaction, through to exit management.

The choice of which HR software to evaluate and adopt isn't always an easy one. Thorough evaluation of your operational requirements is of paramount importance and requires careful thought and planning.

Whether you are looking for a traditional 'on-premise' client-server system, a wholly configurable browser-based .NET application, or an online Software as a Service HR platform that is hosted externally that removes the need to pay an up front license fee, then there are systems available now that we can assist with during your evaluation process.

Our focus is to provide a local service to clients throughout Scotland and assist in the implementation of a system that you'll need to increase efficiencies throughout your business, whilst reducing the time and cost spent on HR administration. This is why all of our HR software solutions are powerful, proactive and dynamic, and offer a huge amount of standard functionality that ensures users are presented with specific key information and in a format that is relevant to them.

activHR Consulting's HR software products provide HR, line managers and employees with all of the tools, information, processes and up-to-date guidance that they need to manage data and processes effectively from anywhere - in an easy-to-use solution.

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