ActivHR Consulting Ltd
Reporting & Analysis
  • Built-in reporting tools to allow full integration with your employee data
  • Take action on the report results, to send email or start a process
  • Visualise your reports in graphs that can be displayed on user dashbaords
  • Easy-to-use tools allow users to create informative and dramatic reports
  • Data security rules apply to reports to control sensitive information
  • Convert Cascade reports into MS Excel with a cover page, detailed report and interactive pivot table

When writing reports, Cascade’s Query Builder makes the task as easy as it can possibly be.  Users of the system know where fields are because of their location in screens, so selecting a field for a report in Cascade uses the same look and feel as finding one on a screen.  Fields are added instantly with a click of the mouse with the option to add search criteria, such as date ranges.

The most powerful feature in Cascade’s reporting suite is the facility to run a report and take action on the information within it. For example, a report has been generated to show all active employees who are entitled to a pay increase at the next salary review.  This group of employees can then be used to generate a mail merge to notify them of this upcoming meeting.

As well as manually generating reports, workflows can be scheduled to monitor employee data, and then kick-start a workflow process when certain criteria are met. In the example above, the workflow process may then intervene to inform managers that they need to book review meetings if members of the team are entitled to a pay increase.  This approach reduces the frequency of you running reports as many operational activities become automated, vastly reducing administration and eliminating errors and omissions.

Add to this Cascade’s powerful Office Reports solution: queries can quickly be transformed into dramatic, informative reports in MS Excel with an illustrated cover page, detailed graphs and pivot tables.  Cascade users can immediately benefit from immensely powerful reporting tools that are easy to use and above all, innovative.