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Self Service
  • Empower your employees to manage their own personal details
  • Empower managers to authorise employee requests
  • Empower payroll to generate and send online payslips through the Payroll module

All Cascade HR users access the single employee database via a web browser.  All employees, managers, team leaders and directors access the same system, but HR have the tools to decide the which groups can see what data. Your system, you're in control.

But even when we control what users use in Self Service we still have the concern that they are doing the right thing, at the right time and using the right resource. In short, we need guarantees that best practice is being used. To guarantee best practice is used throughout the company Cascade combines self service with it's workflow features by providing Best Practice Workflows. These workflows are designed in the core Workflow module and will guide users through any given task.

Users do not even need to know how to perform a task. Be it adding an absence, requesting a training course, applying for authority to recruit or any other process all they need to do is select an activity (user defined by HR) from a list and click it. Cascade will then present forms, instructions, screens, emails, mail merge documents or any other workflow task that you have decided is needed at that stage. Processes may be user centric or may inform anyone else in the business if that is what the activity needs! This guarantees best practice and is one of the examples of why Cascade has a 100% success rate in rolling out Self Service to anything from 25 to 10,000 staff across single and Worldwide sites.

Employee Self Service

It's likely employees will want to update their personal details, request holidays or training courses, complete surveys and return to work forms online and view company documents and phone lists. We recommend concentrating on the areas that currently create the most administration in phase 1 of the self service roll out. This will maximise benefits early int he process. In phase 2 our clients generally introduce areas such as online appraisals once employees are used to, and enthused to use, Cascade

Line Manager Self Service

In addition to being an employee a line manager may authorise requests, benefiting from proactively delivered information to aid decisions. They may initiate their own requests such as authority to recruit or report an absence. By utilising Best Practice Workflows they dont even need to know how to perform these tasks, a single click from a menu of activities will guide them through it.

Payroll Self Service

It's easy to think of Self Service being a HR related feature but in Cascade it can benefit Payroll too. Payroll may wish to deliver payslips through self service to employees. They may also want to authorise changes such as bank details and also perform global salary modelling. Really, it is up to the payroll department what use they make of self service but at all times they have control over acceptance and rejection of changes submitted.