ActivHR Consulting Ltd
System Designer
  • Add custom fields to standard Cascade screens
  • Add brand new employee screens to suit your needs
  • Import data from you spreadsheets to create new screens
  • Transform your free-text fields to drop-down lists to improve consistency and accuracy

The System Designer ensures that Cascade evolves as your business does. The biggest benefit of all is that the easy-to-use toolkit comes as standard, and empowers you to add new employee screens yourself with little to no extra cost or the involvement of your I.T. team.

All new fields are instantly made available to the report writer, can be used in workflow processes and can be rolled out to self service users simply by granting them access through security.

When the time comes to upgrade your version of Cascade to benefit from newly released functionality, your bespoke design is completely unaffected so you can retain any changes you have made.

Edit Standard Screens & Add Custom Screens

The System Designer enables you to compliment the already comprehensive employee screens with your own custom fields.  As standard, you can add unlimited new fields, create new employee-related screens and even create screens based on an existing Excel spreadsheet, allowing you to record data specific to your business in one system.

The simple 'drag and drop' toolkit makes screen design extremely intuitive.  The flexibilty of the System Designer allows you to layout your screens in a familiar way for users in order to simplify data input and reduce typing errors.

The toolkit also provides a powerful way for you to ensure data accuracy and consistency across the board with the field transformer.  Free-text fields can quickly and easily be converted into drop-down lists, retaining the previously entered data.  Data input is drastically reducted, lending to eliminating errors in typing and ensuring accurate data reports in your reports.

Create Screens from Spreadsheets

After research into how Cascade was being used by clients, it became obvious that the majority of new screens were created to record data held in spreadsheets.  Cascade now includes an innovative feature to allow you to create a blank screen then import data into it from your spreadsheets. From there on in, the data previously captured in a secondary 'system' can now be recorded in Cascade to ensure data consistency and accurate reporting.