ActivHR Consulting Ltd
Workflow Designer
  • Map your processes into Cascade for consistency in approach
  • Never miss a deadline or milestone with interactive task lists
  • Empower managers to follow YOUR best practice processes

Cascade's Workflow Designer is used to underpin your key business process so tasks are carried out on time, by the right people, and using the correct resources. The system's step-by-step approach guides users through your best practice processes to ensure success, efficiency, effectiveness and results.

The Workflow Designer is developed using Microsoft.NET to allow you to configure the standard system to meet your own requirements. It is designed in such a way that even HR teams with little technical expertise can map out their internal processes to enforce users to adhere to them.

Whether you need a workflow to ensure consistency when following a New Starter process, or guide users through a salary review process, or create an authroisation route when employee want to request to work from home, or even to monitor and react to employees who breach your attendance rules, Cascade's flexible and intuitive workflow designer can accommodate your needs.