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Cascade Payroll can be a standalone product or included as a module within the Cascade integrated HR and Payroll solution.

In the same way that the Cascade HR modules were developed by consulting with HR professionals, the fully HMRC accredited Cascade Payroll software is backed up by a team of payroll experts who ensure that all legislative rules and rate changes are made in a timely and secure fashion.

Our HMRC Accredited Payroll software ensures we can provide a unique solution to our clients. As we own both our human resources software and our payroll software when you partner with Cascade you have the added benefit of a single contract and single service level agreement. It also means that our systems are developed in synchrony for our clients so when we add new powerful features to our HR system, we add complimentary features to our Payroll system. Our Payroll includes full integration of payroll and HR information that is backed by more than 20 years of experience in designing and supporting software for payroll departments. All of the reporting needs you may have are catered for in Payroll and all statutory forms and reports are also included. Single entry between HR and Payroll also ensures minimal administration.

Fully Integrated HR & Payroll Software

Cascade's payroll module is controlled and maintained by exactly the same people as the HR modules - it is not somebody else's product rebadged and bolted on, so if you're interested in streamlinming your data entry and common processes, you are assured of complete integration and the common look and feel of Cascade
The benefit of single point of entry means no rekeying of data into the payroll system, and HR-led initiatives such as a global salary raise or individual bonuses can be easily implemented. Full integration means that payslips can be displayed online for self service users and that double keying is eliminated. Checks and measures are user definable and ensure that you can authorise changes you want to and allow other changes to process automatically.

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